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Triathlon wetsuits

Here at ActivInstinct, we offer a comprehensive range of triathlon wetsuits for both amateur and professional triathletes at competitive prices.

As one of the leading retailers of triathlon wetsuits in the UK, we have done our best to only stock wetsuits that have the potential to enhance your ability during any level of race.

From amateur competitions to more professional meets, our range of tri suits will help you to perform at your optimum, which will give you the competitive edge that you need.

Our range of wetsuits for triathlons have been carefully sourced from the premium triathlon brands; this includes a range of Orca triathlon wetsuits, who are regarded as being one of the biggest names in the field of triathlon and triathlon wetsuits.

During the pivotal swim stage of the triathlon, you will need a good wetsuit that can optimise your speed and performance, whilst also reducing fatigue; this will give you a solid head start for the transition into the cycling and running stages. A high quality triathlon wetsuit can be the difference between success and failure, make sure you choose one that will help you to succeed!

With a top quality wetsuit, you will experience much more buoyancy while in the water; you will also be provided with added comfort and movement while swimming, ensuring that you have complete freedom of motion and unrestricted movement.

We stock a range of wetsuits that are aimed at giving you the very best while you are out there competing in the critical first stage. Browse our full range of triathlon wetsuits below and order online today.

Our product range has been specially selected from the best brands such as Orca triathlon wetsuits and 2XU ensuring that we are the only store that you will ever need to gear up for your next triathlon competition.