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Tifosi is the Italian word for "super-enthusiast", and so provide eyewear that is comfortable, hard-wearing and high performing for a range of outdoor activites.

The lenses themselves are made from Grilamid TR-90; a homopolyamide nylon characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength, low density, and high resistance to chemical and UV damage.

Knowing that you'll be competing while wearing them, the glasses have been designed to increase grip when in contact with sweat. Hydrophilic rubber resists aging and UV breakdown as well as providing a no-slip fit at the rubber ear and nose pieces.

There is ventilation to increase the airflow and reduce fogging, and the adjustable temples top this pair off, allowing for a customizable fit and increased wearing comfort.

With interchangeable lens, these glasses are specifically suited to golfers. The Tifosi Optics GT lens tint features "object illumination", which enhances your ability to pick up a ball in flight by providing a balance of target and background brightness. Whether you are at net or tee, the GT tint is designed to help keep your eye on the ball.

The EC lens tint is designed for athletes seeking an edge in distinguishing terrain details. The hue of EC increases light contrast by filtering the blue light spectrum that is responsible for optical blurring and decreased contrast in bright light conditions. Use this lens tint for spotting the subtle breaks of a putting green or the lines of your local single track.

  • Fits medium to large faces
  • Weight: 27g

Each frame features the following lenses: All Condition Red, Clear and Smoke with Red Glare Guard

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