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Product code:374179-HS101

With the introduction of the new FIH regulations, Mercian have brought in new moulds to ensure that all their sticks comply with these new rules whilst continuing to offer the great balance and strength for which Mercian sticks are renowned. The Standard Bend incorporates the maximum permitted bend positioned at the mid-point of the shaft.

100-Series sticks have a shaft weighting with a balance point closer towards the handle. This gives a lighter 'feel' to the sticks making them suitable for intermediate players without the desire or need for a specific focus on stiffness and power. A thicker fibreglass skeleton than the Pro-Line, is overlaid with varying percentages of carbon and Kevlar to create five different stick specifications.

All sticks in the 100-Series have a high gloss back and a high-friction, hard wearing matt face. This textured face mimics that which is found on the face of a raw wooden stick and helps to reduce ball spin on water based pitches. The 100-Series offers a technical, durable and price conscious solution to a majority of player's needs.

  • Length: 36.5" / 37.5"
  • Weight: Light / Medium
  • Bend: Standard
  • Composition: Carbon 70%, Kevlar 25%, and Fibreglass 5%


  • Carbon
  • Kevlar
  • Fibreglass

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