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XTENEX Auto Blocking Elastic Lace


For people on the move and athletes looking to shave valuable seconds off their times, Xtenex Laces are elastic laces that are popular with professional athletes because you never have to tie them.

Popular with golfers, not to mention distance runners and triathletes reducing their transition times, these laces are also are perfect for anyone who wears casual shoes, senior shoes, orthopaedic shoes, medical shoes, and everything in between.

They are a perfect choice for most activities involving normal foot movement; from everyday wear, to running, to top level competition.

Lace up your shoes loosely as you normally would, and then pull to tighten. The fewer knots you leave between each eyelet, the tighter the fit will be. If you can't see the knots then they have been pulled too tight; the knots should retain their shape. Once fitted it times to get to your feet and never forget about tying your laces ever again. The job has been done and you can be well on your way to training and competing at the highest level.


  • Rubber
  • Braided Nylon

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